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Copy of Copy of Copy of DENESE MARSHALL

Giving Hope & Support through
Speaking & Education


I speak not only from personal experience of trauma but from a clinical lens to help listeners find their own meaning in their trauma as means to propel them to a more fulfilling and productive life. My approach is engaging as I often use humor as a way to lighten the heaviness of the topic while still finding a way to illustrate ways to change the perspective of carrying the memories of trauma.

Image by Fa Barboza


Corporate training for reintegration back to the workplace. Based on information acquired in my survey of professionals returning to work, I help employers ensure their staff are equipped for the challenges many people are concerned with both for themselves and in relation to the needs and concerns of their family members.


Employees will be better prepared to return and stay back in the office by addressing these concerns to equip them with a plan for the known as well as some potential challenges they may face once returning to the workplace. 


Training for residential living for substance abuse. I offer training for people working directly with clients in sober living houses. My training includes: 


  • How to identify the most commonly seen co-morbid diagnosis with substance abuse. 


  • Identifying and addressing potentially suicidal behavior.


  • How to de-escalate an agitated or angry client.


This training is for case managers, house managers, and other people working directly with clients who did not major in psychology or a master-level clinician.

We have greatly appreciated Denese’s care in the support and training of our team. She has done a fantastic job to train our staff to compassionately care for our clients with substance abuse and mental health issues.  She has exceeded our expectations and has been a constant support.  In person and via zoom she was able to fully engage our staff members. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of mental health and addiction and conveyed the topics relevantly to our staff.  

Pamela George, COO 

Shana’s House, Women’s Extended Care and Sober Living, Westport CT


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