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Giving Hope & Support through

Third Culture Counseling


The term Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a term used to describe a child or adolescent raised in another culture other than their parents. During the child's developmental years, they are often exposed to a wide variety of cultural influences and may have trouble identifying within that culture. Some children often move to multiple cultures during their adolescence, leaving behind new friends and their new comfort. Examples of TCK's can be military kids, missionary kids, children of international business workers or foreign aid workers. Challenges involving attachment, conflict resolution and engaging/immersing in life can be apparent, particularly with multiple moves.

While TCK's eventually adapt to their surroundings, the cycle of these major changes can get pushed down, only to resurface later in life. They often miss developing a sense of belonging or attachment/identify to a culture. TCK's can also lack knowledge of their home culture or nation - often considered "culturally homeless".



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the United States. I offer counseling for adults and adolescents to address the unique challenges that people face while living away from their home country.

Being a parent while living in a foreign country can feel isolating. Having been a parent myself outside of my home country, I understand the difficulties that can come not only with living away but with transitioning back to your home country.

Growing up in a transient world has unique challenges to developing meaningful friendships and feeling a sense of belonging. I offer support and tools to help students not only while they are living away, but then to prepare them for when they transition back home, go “home” for the first time, or begin on the adventure of college.


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